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Recommended route 2

Recommended route 2
  1. Punat – Supetarska draga
  2. Supetarska draga– Punta Križa (island of Cres) –18 hours bridge for Mali Lošinj
  3. Mali Lošinj (swimming/ cove Krivica) – Ilovik
  4. Ilovik – Premuda-Silba/sleeping
  5. Silba – Olib – Novalja
  6. Novalja – Lun (olives) – Rab
  7. Rab – Punat

Punat – island of Krk

Punat is situated on the southwestern part of the island of Krk is one of the most protected bays on the Adriatic Sea.

Punat and the island of Krk have so much to offer – beautiful beaches (especially between Punat and Stara Baška), lush vegetation, excellent cuisine, and numerous activities particularly for those seeking an active vacation, with activities such as water skiing, wind surfing, paragliding rides, water slides, jet skiing and many other activities on sea and on land.

Marina Punat is one of the largest and oldest marinas in Croatia. It is positioned in a deep bay protected from winds, making it the perfect starting point for any adventure. The marina offers 850 sea berths for yachts up to 45 m in length, on 11 wooden docks. An additional 400 land berths are equipped with water and electricity. Within Marina Punat there is also the Punat shipyard and all services required for the maintenance of vessels.

Supetarska Draga (island of Rab)

This is one of the oldest settlements on the island of Rab, with a particularly rich maritime tradition. The permitted speed in the harbour is up to 6 knots. It is possible to dock on the small dock of the Belvedere restaurant, with a sea depth of 0.7 – 2.5 metres.

The ACI Marina Supetarska Draga is open year round, and offers 344 sea berths and 53 land berths. In addition to all the necessary services, the ACI Marina is also well known for its excellent restaurant, and also offers a reception desk with currency exchange, shops right near the marina, laundry services, washrooms, engine maintenance and service, 10 tonne crane and parking lot. The Marina has a WLAN internet system, and the nearest petrol station is next to the ACI Marina Rab (11 nautical miles).

Punta Križa 

Punta Križa is situated at the southernmost point of the island of Cres. The Punta Križa area covers about 15 km² of the southern tip of Cres, south of Osor, from the peak of the hill Vela Straža.

West of Punta Križa is the island of Lošinj, just across the 5 km wide Lošinj Channel. On the southern side are numerous shallows that are collectively called the Plitvac Palacol and the islets Oruda and Palacol. To the east is the Kvarnerić Bay and islet Trstenik just 3 knots from Punta Križe or 2 knots at its nearest point. It is best to anchor in the Kolorat Bay. The cove of Vrč and its interior areas are full of sandy deposits. In front of the dock, the sea depth is only 1.5 metres and there is a changing sand spit on which it is not difficult to be driven aground.

Mali Lošinj

Mali Lošinj is a town situated on the southern side of the island of Lošinj. Mali Lošinj is the largest settlement on the island, and in fact is the largest town on all the Adriatic islands, with some 6000 residents. It faces the sea to the northwest. This is a very important port for nautical tourism, as it stands on the navigational route between Istria and Dalmatia. The town harbour is often full during the summer months. There are moorings and water and electricity hook-ups on the pontoons and waterfront to the north and south. The eastern waterfront is primarily for fishing boats, though when they are out, it is possible to dock here for a short period of time. From October to May, there is most often one small bridge in the harbour. Marina Mali Lošinj offers some 150 sea berths and 100 land berths, a 50-tonne travel-lift, 31-tonne crane, workshop and shops. There is also a large shipyard nearby with floating dock.

Bridge - passage

The passage is 10 metres wide, and the depth in low tide is 1.2 metres. Passage is only possible during periods of calm seas. The bridge is raised every day at 9 am and 6 pm, except during times of strong Bura winds, when the waves are high and passage is dangerous or impossible. Right of first passage is for vessels from the northern side exiting the harbour.

Krivica Cove (Lošinj)

This is one of the most beautiful coves on Lošinj. Krivica Bay is protected from all winds, and therefore it is a frequent stop for many sailors. When anchoring, tie a rope to a rock or tree on shore. During periods of strong Jugo winds, the cove is not safe for boats.

Ilovik (island of Ilovik)

The island of Ilovik is a favourite destination for sailors. The settlement is home to just 100 people, and it is the southernmost of the inhabited islands of the Lošinj archipelago. The largest cove with a sandy beach is Paržine on the southeastern side of the island. There is also a well protected channel, 2.5 km long and 300 m, between the two islands that serves as a harbour for local fisherman and a safe harbour for the many sailors who come here to enjoy the pristine nature. To the southern side are several berths with moorings. Other berths with moorings are tied to the south, where the sea depth is 1–2 metres, and north of the main dock at the entrance to the small harbour. The waters are protected from all winds, except the strong Jugo wind, and can offer safe shelter for yachts and smaller vessels. A strong Jugo wind (higher than 4 Beauforts) will create waves throughout the entire channel and on the northern side of the sea. There are about 100 anchoring buoys for yachts. Transport is available from the buoys to the harbour and back until midnight, at a price of HRK 10 per person, and calls are sent via the UKW channel 7 or by waving. Due to the island steam ship, all anchoring is prohibited in the area of the dock and in the navigation channel north of it.


Premuda is an island in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea and falls within the Zadar archipelago. There are two harbours on the island, one on the northern side in Lož Cove, which is used only for the occasionally docking of boat lines in the case of strong southerly or western winds. South of the Krijal Harbour, there are some 40 anchored buoys during the summer. Another popular anchoring site for boaters is Premuda Bay, about 1 nautical mile south of the Krijal Harbour.

Premuda is also an attractive destination for divers. Near Premuda, there are numerous attractive locations for diving, such as the popular and stunning “cathedral” cave system. The wreck of the ship Szent István is accessible only to the most experienced divers.

Silba (island of Silba)

Silba is a unique island shaped like a figure eight, and stands between the islands of Olib and Premuda. The island has about 600 residents and has a very interesting history. The island is ideal for shelter from the Jugo and Bura winds. There are two ports. On the southwestern side, Sveti Ante Bay is uninhabited but offers some 40 anchored buoys and is sheltered from the Bura wind. Anchoring is prohibited throughout the bay.

For shelter from the Jugo wind, the dock in front of the town of Silba is available. It is also possible to anchor in the Papranica Bay and in front of the harbour dock.


Olib is an island between the islands of Pag to the east and Silba to the west. It has about 140 inhabitants. In the main bay and on the northern and southern side of the dock, there are several moorings with water and electricity. North and south of the harbour, there are numerous anchored buoys available. Južna Slatina has a very shallow entrance. While sailing in, keep an eye on sea levels. Do not anchor on the seabed covered in algae.

Novalja (island of Pag)

The Town of Novalja is situated in a small bay on the northwestern side of the island of Pag, and the town has about 2500 residents. In the harbour, the waterfront is reserved for the catamaran that is docked there from the evening until the following morning. The side sections of the waterfront are usually occupied by fishing boats, while small boats are anchored in the bay. Guests may use the available anchoring buoys. There is also a crane in the harbour. Novalja (Zrće Beach) is known for its parties that last 24 hours a day, and is a favourite party destination. This is a must visit place if you are looking for fun that lasts until morning. There is a train that runs between Novalja and Zrće Beach throughout the day.


Lun is a settlement in the northwestern part of the island of Pag, just south of Cape Lun, on a plateau about 1.5 kilometres above the small Tovarnele harbour. Due to its position beneath Rab, it is sheltered from the Bura wind. During times of strong Bura wind, anchoring is recommended in Tovarnele or Jakišnica. Tovarnele Bay has an L-shaped dock that excursion boats often dock at during the day. In Jakišnica Bay, take care of the sea depth, as there are cylindrical shapes jutting up from the seabed in the central part of the bay. The nearest coves are Furnja and Veli Rakovac in the Pag Channel and Njivina, Budunalva and Krušvina in the Kvarnerić waters. Lun is widely known for the olive groves that bring above-average sized olives, and the trees that are up to several hundred years old.

Rab (island of Rab)

The Old Town of Rab is the main town on the island of the same name, which is also one of the sunniest places in all of Europe. The town has about 3000 residents. The entry into the port is marked by the red lighthouse at the Cape of St. Ante and the green lighthouse on Tunera Islet. Due to the shallows near Tunera Islet, keep towards the red lighthouse. The ACI Marina Rab is situated within the Rab Harbour and offers 140 berths. The marina is protected by a jetty, marked with a green lighthouse. The maximum speed in the channel is 3 knots for all vessels. The western side of the marina docks is lit up. The Bura blows from the directions between the northwest and northeast and the water levels can drop by up to 1 metre. In the northern part of the town, there is a mooring area with several ancoring buoys, a workshop for engine repairs, crane and ramp, and a petrol station. During strong Jugo winds, staying in the town harbour is not recommended. The Bay of St. Fumija, situated in front of the Rab Harbour, offers protection from the Jugo wind, but not the Bura wind.

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